ProWeather Cloud

Construction Managers and Contractors need to track and monitor weather status on the job site. Extreme temperatures, lightning, or high winds during a workday may stop progress on specific construction activities. Also, adverse weather conditions are one of the reasons for construction claims. You can save time and money using ProWeather Cloud to automate weather updates to Prolog ® for audit purposes. Superintendents can use their valuable time managing site activities rather than capturing weather data. By using ProWeather Cloud advanced setup, automated weather warnings and alerts can be sent to project team directly.


Construction Managers and Contractors receive hundreds of drawings and specifications during the life cycle of a project. Tracking these documents in Prolog and linking them to records require many hours of project resources time. ProDrawingLog automates this process and improves resources
productivity within a project

ProWeather Cloud Features

Works with Prolog Converge on Trimble Sky and on-premise

Location specific weather information to Daily Details form

Updates temperature, wind and conditions 3 times daily

Display weather details in Prolog ® project dashboard

Alert project team on critical weather conditions

ProDrawingLog Features

Works with Prolog Converge on Trimble Sky and on-premise

Customer specific file naming convention

Automatically creates Drawing Packages and Drawings & Specs records

Automatically links files to drawing revision record